Who We Are

Poly Network is built to implement interoperability between multiple chains in order to build the next generation internet infrastructure. Authorized homogeneous and heterogeneous public blockchains can connect to Poly Network through an open, transparent admission mechanism and communicate with other blockchains. Poly Network has already integrated Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ontology, Elrond, Ziliqa, Binance Smart Chain, Switcheo and Huobi ECO Chain. More institutions and organizations are welcome to join Poly Network and build the next generation internet with us.

Advantages of PolyNetwork Technology

for chains that connect to Poly chain

Light weight, Loosely coupled, Easy integration

Multiple Shared Ecosystem Resources

No major changes required to the core technology
Docking to the Poly chain allows communication with all other isomeric chains that are connected
Deploying two smart contracts suffices to support cross chain functionality for chains that support smart contract technology
Access to Neo and Ontology’s public resources
For chains that don’t support smart contracts, integrating two modules enables interoperability
Seamless cross chain operations with BTC/ETH/Neo/Ontology/Elrond/Ziliqa/BSC/ Switcheo/ Heco chains

Broad Protocol Specifications

-  Supporting multiple isomeric chains, including: BTC/ETH/Neo/Ontology/Elrond/Ziliqa/BSC/ Switcheo/ Heco
-  Potential to support other isomeric chains
-  Can seamlessly integrate chains that have been forked from supported isomeric chains

Swift Project Workflow

-  Test net already online, main net scheduled to go online soon
-  Customizable development workflow based on requirements specified by founding members.
-  Continuous upgrades and iterations by a professional cross chain development team.

Cross Chain Asset Consortium

-  Supports cross chain operation for multiple assets
-  Supports various forms of cross chain information exchange

Security Protocol

-  Strong cryptographic foundation
-  No single verification dependencies
-  Verification via isomeric chain block header information

Cross Chain Transaction Uniformity

-  Supports strong consistency in terms of cross chain transactions
-  Supports final consistency in terms of cross chain transactions

Poly Chain Governance

-  Poly chain has no tokens, thus can deal with security compliances
-  Can join security compliance consortium chains
-  Can connect to private chains with high trust factor
-  Does not require sharing of the governance process

Application Scenarios

Since DEX bodies are limited by islands of value in terms of different chains, they can only transact using the chain’s native tokens. Cross chain DEXs can facilitate transactions using all the tokens for any chain, thereby solving the existing limitation.
If Coinbase’s popular project Compound wants to expand its business volume, implementing a cross chain security deposit feature in place of setting up its ecosystem on every single chain can help it tremendously in implementing a multi chain borrowing feature.
Considering MakerDao as an example, if MakerDao wants expand their business to other chain ecosystems they would have to develop a new ecosystem on the new chain. However, using cross chain technology, they can simply deploy a deposit contract that can lock assets and send a message to the Ethereum chain. The MakerDaocontract on Ethereum verifies the message for legitimacy and then can perform various different cross chain multi asset staking and deposit operations.

Future Endeavours

Poly chain transaction fee mechanism
Expand the founding member ecosystem and integrate more isomeric chains
Increase the number of governing members
Add more features based on the requirements presented by founding members

Collaborative Partners